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High Tech Technology is one of the most approachable PC repair services for all kinds of system, laptops, gaming consoles, and other devices. Our goal is to help our clients, their families, and their businesses embrace the various forms of IT available these days. We speak to our clients, listen to their PC and electronics-related concerns. ask plenty of questions and then take all the steps needed to take care of your technological requirements.

We are ready to do what it takes to get you the right solutions for maximum productivity and streamlined daily operations. Once we step in with our services and solutions. We fix everything we touch and make sure you know about everything we do every step of the way. It is simpler than you think and the reason behind our success in computer repairs in Dubai.

How High Tech Technology Repairs Computers

PC Repair in Dubai

Our computer repair process involves more than taking off and putting back screws. We use cutting-edge tools and spare parts to test and repair components. Diagnostic tests are a major part of this process and we check all the parts thoroughly before and after applying fixes. Our team also ensures that the best replacement parts are chosen wherever required. Here’s a quick walkthrough of our repair process:

Diagnosing the Computer before Beginning PC Repair 

We conduct multiple tests to locate the issue and check whether our fix has taken care of it for good. All these tests also detect intermittent issues that usually wouldn’t be noticed from a single test. Our extensive experience in computer repair helps us narrow down the faults and focus on them.

For instance, if the computer won’t turn on, there may be a problem with the motherboard, hard drive, or the power supply. Once we single out the source, we perform repairs before running extensive tests to see if there are other improvements we can make.

If a part is faulty, it is taken out and tested on another working computer that contains hardware analysis software. We also exercise the method of elimination by swapping the parts we suspect are faulty with working spare parts. This helps us eliminate other possible causes and reach the correct diagnosis.


Taking a Backup of the Data

This is a crucial step for repairs or changes concerning storage drives, such as hard drive failure, damage to the computer due to liquid spillage, and upgrading. Before installing a new drive, we back up data to an external hard drive which can be time-consuming depending on the process or the amount of data we need to back up.

Backing up data is also necessary if your computer requires OS reinstallation or in some cases, motherboard repair. So you can retain access to it. It takes a significant amount of time to copy data into storage devices – even longer if the drive needs data recovery. Speaking of data recovery, we can also help you with that if you have lost your data accidentally. Although there’s a chance that you may not be able to get all the data back from the faulty drive.

Deciding the Right Replacement Parts

If faulty parts are behind the malfunctioning of the computer. They will need the right replacements to get the computer working again. Although there is diagnostic software that may be able to resolve the issue, such solutions are temporary at best. Therefore, your computer needs a solution that’s more reliable and lasts longer, which is why we recommend replacing the damaged parts.

As an example, we can isolate or fix bad sectors on a hard drive, but it is still just as likely to fail completely eventually. Replacing the drive is better than a quick fix, not only because it improves performance substantially. But also because it is the better option from a long-term perspective.

Each brand of computer is compatible with replacement parts of the same brand and sometimes model. So we look for them with the help of their part numbers. If that’s not possible, we look for the closest compatible alternatives. Our team has plenty of experience in locating the right replacement parts and we have excellent relations with several helpful suppliers.

Making the necessary changes and fixes. We determine the best course of action and get to work on your device depending on the repair it requires. This helps us give you an estimate of the time the repair or replacement will take. While some repairs are quick, such as SSD upgrades or replacing the hard drive. Others involving the delicate sections of the computer, such as the motherboard, will take much more time and care.

For motherboard repairs, for instance, the technician has to take out all the components and put them back once the motherboard is replaced. We always ensure the computer works properly when we have to install new hardware. If the boot drive was affected during repairs, your computer would also require a new Operating System installation. Our team does whatever it takes and then moves on to further testing to ensure the repairs were successful.

Conducting post-repair tests – Running tests after installing new parts and making all the necessary fixes is essential. They help us find issues we may have missed earlier or further problems the repair wasn’t able to resolve. This is how we prevent intermittent problems in the future. Once we are satisfied with your computer’s results in these final tests. We hand it back to you in the best possible working condition.


Factors Affecting the Duration of Our Computer Repair Process

Certain factors enable us to give our customers the proper estimate of how long it will take to fix their computers. These include:

The Duration of Testing: We run several tests to diagnose and after we’ve performed repairs. We do this to eliminate the possibility of missing any hidden intermittent problems and to ensure the repairs are 100% successful. However, the tests take a lot of time since they thoroughly investigate different areas of the computer. If we test for RAM-related problems, for example, it takes about half an hour for each test on average. Hard drive diagnostic tests can take the whole night!

Additionally, these tests sometimes pause on their own when left unattended and need to restart. Such instances are unavoidable and each test helps us deliver the best results, which is why we take them into account when giving an estimate of the duration of each test.

Our Access to Quality Replacement Parts: Some computer models need replacement components that are hard to gain access to. That’s because they may not always be available at our suppliers. How fast we can repair your computer also depends on the compatibility of the parts we need with other models.

While some brands, such as Dell, Apple, and HP provide access to the universal part numbers and compatible alternatives in case we cannot get the identical part. Other brands like Toshiba, Asus, and Acer require more effort from the supplier to find out the best components to fit the requirement. Their parts don’t have a universal number to look for. So the only method to locate the right part is to match it visually. This is something only expert and experienced technicians can be trusted with.

If the branded components are no longer under production or unavailable due to another reason. We make sure to get the best compatible alternative to replace the faulty component.

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