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Malware and Virus Removal

A device that has undergone physical damage is a nuisance, but it can be fixed quickly. However, a virus or malware infection can be dangerous for your files and data.

Here at High Tech Technology, we understand the value your data holds for you. That’s why we have professionals who are very experienced in malware and virus removal. We can restore access to your information and get your devices back running the way they did before they got infected.

Removing a virus or malware isn’t easy for the average user but that’s the way they are designed. It may even take a while before you realise your machine is infected. Our computer technicians have dealt with many computers, laptops, and similar virus-infected devices to completely clean your machine in a matter of hours, not days.

How to Know if Your Computer or Device is Infected

Malware and viruses are of many kinds, each working differently. You can look for some general signs and apply a few quick techniques to find out if your device is infected.

Given below are certain common indicators of infection in your device or computer:

  • It crashes a lot more than it used to
  • The web takes far too long to access
  • You keep getting pop-ups and messages
  • You find there have been changes made to your system – but you didn’t make them
  • You have disabled the anti-virus and installed something from the internet

If you suspect something’s wrong with your device, contact our friendly support team at High Tech Technology for cyber security assistance right away.

Removing the Malware
We are very thorough with our work, performing multiple anti-virus scans to locate and remove every malicious software. Once removal is done properly, your machine will operate the way it used to without the malware.

This is one of the things that make us different from other virus removal service providers because most use a single anti-virus program. We have the experience to know that a single type of anti-virus scan isn’t always effective in getting rid of all the viruses from a device. Depending on just one type of scan can increase the chances of the virus showing up in your machine again sooner or later.

The Next Step
After we have run the anti-virus scans and removed every trace of malware and virus from the computer, we will offer advice on the best course of action that will keep your device and data safe from future attacks.

With your approval, our team will install one or more anti-virus programs that we have found to be extremely effective for the issues your computer has faced. We will also explain thoroughly how to make the most of these new programs.

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