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Has your favourite PlayStation stopped working all of a sudden? Are you dreading the red ring of death on your Xbox? Gamers put their gaming consoles through the paces, so it’s no surprise when they start facing a number of issues down the line.

If this is you, don’t panic! At High Tech Technology, our gaming console specialists can put Dubai’s gamers back where they belong- in the game! Whether you have the latest Nintendo or an old PS, we have you covered. Our experts can fix a wide range of consoles from any generation and get you back online and ready to crush your enemies and have a great session in no time.

PS4 Repair Service – Let Us Fix Your Faulty PlayStation without Delay!


We always use drivers, lasers, and other tools that are recommended by the manufacturer. Our years of experience include repairing all generations of PlayStations which is why we have the expertise to make rapid diagnoses in consoles and resolve the issues just as quickly.

Our team can fix all models, from the original to the slim version. We have handled an extensive range of problems, such as software glitches, blu-ray issues, internet disconnections, and jammed disk trays. Let us know if your PlayStation has stopped playing nice and needs top-quality PS4 repair service.

Call Us for Quick Xbox One Repair in Dubai

Disk Upgrade/Replace

If you are an Xbox owner living in fear of the red ring of death, don’t worry! Our experienced technicians have the mana- and the skills- to bring your treasured console back to life. We can proudly say that we have plenty of experience in dealing with every Xbox model, from the older 360 to the latest Xbox One.

Our team is successful in repairing all of them because we use original drivers and parts to do so. This helps us rule out any chronic issues in the future. Unresponsive disc player, broken video or connectivity problems – High Tech Technology is here to provide the best Xbox One repair Dubai has to offer and get your gaming back on track ASAP.

Nintendo Switch Repair Dubai – We Can Fix Your Broken Nintendo, Too!

PS4 Repair

As a Nintendo gamer, you know the appeal of this long line of gaming consoles and its fantastic range of games. High Tech Technology’s gaming console repairers know every make and model ever released by Nintendo. This means they know what tools are the best to repair your damaged console and use only genuine parts if replacements are needed.

We provide Nintendo Switch repair Dubai based service for all kinds of Nintendo-related issues. Such as hardware defects, short-circuits, software bugs, motion sensor problems, and upgrades. We offer repair services that match the quality of Nintendo consoles, so let us know if your beloved device ever stops working.

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