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If you can’t find a computer that matches your specifications, High Tech Technology offers you exceptional value and absolute freedom to customise your computer accordingly. Whether you need a new gaming rig that can handle those new titles or enterprise-level productivity for your work team, we have what you need.

Our custom-built computers come in a variety of form factors and configurations to suit the task required. We can install different operating systems and any application software you want once the system is assembled. The result is a hand-built high-performance product that matches the precise quality standards at High Tech Technology.

Additionally, we back our custom-built computers with our exceptional service and support.

Specialists in Custom Built Computers

At High Tech, building computers from scratch is one of our specialities. We have years of experience and knowledge of computer assembly to pick out the best components that will give you the performance you need.

Being in the business, we know what combination will perform well and is least likely to cause problems in the long run. Alternatively, you can choose the components you want in your rig.

We can make suggestions regarding computer parts when you aren’t sure what will fit your purpose. Our tech experts can also tell you about technology that you may not know of that not only gives your machine the edge but also falls under your budget.

Get What You Want with a Custom-Built Computer

This type of customised computer brings a lot of advantages over pre-built ones, such as SSD (Solid State Hard Drive), increased memory capacity, and a better CPU for more powerful performance and higher speed.

When you get to pick the capacity and brand of your computer parts, you decide the strengths. That’s why so many tech-savvy people today are choosing custom-built computers over the pre-configured ones offered by top brands.

High Tech Technology can source all the parts of your choice and our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to bring them all together for you! Experience the difference with a powerhouse built by our custom computer building experts. We also provide solutions for customers in search of professional advice or simply a few friendly pointers from experts.

We offer many services related to computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phone repair and more, and you can turn to us when you require help regarding custom-built computers. Unlike the predesigned computers most customers buy off the shelf at retail outlets, custom-built pieces always have everything you want since you will have internal components of the exact specifications of your choice installed for you.

Our team thoroughly understands that custom-built PCs are popular because of the quality of the components that make them. That’s what enables us to source all the best quality parts for your requirements and budget.

If you want nothing but the best in service, budget, and expertise, get in touch with us today. Our team at High Tech combines its skill and knowledge with friendly service and budget-friendly rates to deliver what you need.

Get all the Advantages with High Tech Technology

Choosing us to build a computer system suitable for your work or entertainment will ensure the following benefits and more:

Excellent-Quality Parts – Nobody wants cheap-quality parts in their PC regardless of its purpose. Besides, the use of high-quality components makes the machine more dependable as it decreases the chances of system failure. These are just a few reasons why we always assemble your PC using only the best quality parts.

Cost-effective and Easier to Upgrade – You can have your machine upgraded the way you want without worrying about money. In fact, you can go for the latest parts (if your budget allows) and forget about upgrades for a long time! On the other hand, upgrading a pre-configured computer system from any brand is both expensive and inconvenient.

Know Your Computer Inside Out – We make sure you know every part that goes into your computer. You can pick the components you want from a list of outstanding parts offered by top manufacturers. These include Intel, Western Digital, Asus, Logitech, Corsair, Pioneer, Gigabyte, Coolermaster, Crucial and many more. Rest assured your rig will have quality, stable parts!

We Install Software Too – If there is specific software you want in your custom-built computer, then we will install it. However, we make sure to avoid trial software that will prove useless if you don’t want to pay for it afterwards, possibly lowering performance. Our team will also remind you to select a security product to protect your new computer. We can install a free Antivirus option and check the installation of all Windows Updates and Patches if you don’t want to pay for antivirus software.



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