Laptop Repair

Need your laptop fixed ASAP? At High Tech Technology, we can diagnose and resolve your laptop troubles. Whether you have a low-range but dependable business laptop or a gaming rig powerful enough to leave older supercomputers in the dust.

Our laptop experts have repaired many types of models on a regular basis. They are adept at diagnosing what’s wrong with the device and can handle all kinds of hardware and software-related issues. They can also help you understand and make full use of your laptop’s potential. Through experienced hardware assistance from Dubai’s leading laptop, MacBook, and PC support experts.
Our team of laptop repair specialists can pay a visit to your office or home according to your convenience. They restore your laptop or computer to excellent working condition by resolving any hardware related troubles.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement by Experts

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If your laptop keyboard starts acting up or showing signs of abnormal function. Make sure you note all the things that are going wrong with your device. Slow or unresponsive keys are some of the most common signs that your laptop keyboard needs repair. They either need to be pressed multiple times to work or don’t respond to any amount of tapping at all.

On the other hand, your laptop’s keyboard may get too responsive and register more than one signal even if you press the keys just once. Not only does this get frustrating and inconvenient but it can also grow to affect other keys.

At High Tech Technology, we offer quick and affordable laptop keyboard repair services to our customers. However, it also helps us if our clients have even a little bit of information about when or how their laptop keyboards stopped working properly. So don’t hesitate to tell us all you can think of when you bring in your machine to repair!

We Provide all Types of Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai Offers

Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai

Laptop screens can break down because of many reasons, of which faulty wiring is one of the most common. Unfortunately, they often go unnoticed until your laptop screen starts giving you trouble. High Tech’s technicians and repair staff have plenty of experience in singling out electrical issues in computing devices. They have the skills to provide the best laptop screen replacement Dubai based repair shops have to offer for all brands and models.

If you suspect that something’s wrong with your laptop screen, try to look for signs that mean your device needs urgent repair. These could range from flickering in the screen when you move your laptop, to unresponsive screen brightness in which your screen remains dim even at its highest brightness setting. You need laptop screen replacement Dubai.

Other things that can go wrong include inverted colors and other color-related problems that don’t usually occur on your laptop screen. Sometimes, there are persistent lines on the screen that reappear no matter how many times you reboot your laptop.

All of the above-mentioned problems indicate wiring related faults, but a laptop screen can stop working properly if you drop the laptop, damaging the screen in the process. If your laptop is facing any of the above, we recommend getting our repair services immediately. Just leave your laptop to our helpful staff at High Tech Technology to fix the screen and stop any electrical faults from damaging your laptop further.

Get Your Laptop Power Jack Replacement Done before it’s Too Late!

Laptop Power Jack Replacement

Most laptop repair experts consider the DC jack as the Achilles heel of a laptop. All it takes is a wrong tug or someone to trip over the power cable. When it is plugged into your laptop for it to get damaged and stop working.

You may know it by a different name, but the DC jack is a small metal section. That attach to the motherboard whose purpose is to provide power to the laptop. It’s the jack where you plug your charging cord whenever your laptop battery needs charging. So you can imagine the trouble you’ll face if it stops working.

A majority of laptops have their DC jacks soldered onto the motherboard. Which have only a few pins keeping it in place. These pins can easily get dislodge with some sideways pulling of the DC power cord, breaking the solder as a result. If you suspect the power jack isn’t working properly or is loose. Call us for an early diagnosis and save yourself a lot of money. Waiting for too long will lead to complete failure, damaging the motherboard or the bottom section of your laptop.

Laptop Cleaning Service for Longer Life, Greater Performance

Laptop Cleaning Service

Aside from providing cleaning computers, we also offer our device cleaning services specifically for laptops. Whether you have a laptop in your home that needs cleaning or several laptops in your office to provide flexibility to your staff. These laptops will need cleaning after a while.

That’s why we offer specialist laptop cleaning services at High Tech Technology. These involve air-dusting and vacuuming to get rid of any dust and debris present around or under the keys. Once the particles are remove. We clean and sanitize all the external surfaces of the laptop, including the keys and touchpad. Since dust can collect at external fans, we also clean those in case there is any present in your laptop. Our technicians clean the screen with the proper cleaning materials that are made especially for use on laptops.

Laptop Fan Replacement at a Fraction of the Cost

Laptop Fan Replacement

Laptops generate plenty of heat, especially when they have to perform resource-intensive tasks. Since there are lots of small, delicate parts fitted so closely together within a slim and sleek casing, they need protection from this heat.
The fan present in the laptop bears major responsibility to manage the heat it produces. So the laptop can get severely damage if the fan cannot do it properly for any reason. From error messages on a startup that warn about its working condition to the laptop shutting down abruptly due to the generation of excessive heat. Many unpleasant things can happen.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you get your laptop’s overheating problems taken care of ASAP before it damages more components. If you’re worried that something may be wrong with your laptop fan, we’d love to take a look at it for you, so just give us a call!

HP laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Dell laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Lenovo laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Acer laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Asus laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Alienware laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Apple laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Razer laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Huawei laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Toshiba laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Microsoft laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

MSI laptop Screen and battery replacement in Dubai

Mac Repair

What will you do if your Mac laptop is out of warranty and need repair? Of course, you will start looking for a reliable laptop repair service center. If you want quick and top quality service, skip the search and contact us. We are a professional laptop and computer repair service known for offering all Mac repairs in-house at affordable rates.

Don’t know how to get your laptop fixed? Call us and we will gladly make things simpler for you. At High Tech Technology, we believe in providing dedicated customer service seven days a week. Whether your Mac is decade-old or brand new. You can get in touch with us for support with the surety of the best outcome. We have an experienced team of engineers who can solve a variety of Mac-related issues in no time. Whether you need iMac/MacBook repair for your home or business. You can request a visit or just walk into our store.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

macbook water damage repair

MacBook water damage is a common and frustrating issue because even a minor spill can render your MacBook useless. The liquid can reach the logic board and damage components. When your Mac stops working after a liquid spill, you need a MacBook water damage repair service that can get it working ASAP. We understand your panic, especially if your laptop is not in warranty and does not come under Apple’s care and protection plan.

Don’t worry – we will work quickly to replace damaged parts and get your laptop in working condition! We offer great expertise in dealing with MacBook water damage. MacBook water damage repair may seem difficult but we will make sure every issue is solved quickly and efficiently as we have the best tools and technologies to diagnose and repair your MacBook. So, avoid using chemicals or alcohol to clean the spill on your own – call professionals to deal with the issue instead.

MacBook Air Repair

macbook air repair

We can remove and install MacBook parts as we know everything there is to know about MacBook. We’ve repaired countless rigs over the years and, as a result, our MacBook Air repair service has an outstanding quality of replacement parts. If you experience issues with an older model suffering from degraded batteries or malfunctioning software. You need help from a professional who knows what to look for, which means you can completely trust our engineers to take care of your MacBook.

We do not believe in using fake and cheap quality repair items. Neither do we believe in offering costly services. So, when you need quick, affordable services and good quality replacement parts, you can reach out to us. Our MacBook Air repair service is available 7 days a week wherever you want. We work to repair your MacBook to hand it over to you as quickly as we can.

MacBook Hard Drive Replacement

mac hard drive replacement

Is your MacBook running slower than usual or making noises? It could be a hard drive issue…but don’t let it overwhelm you! Just call our support services if you notice the files are not opening properly because that’s a clear sign your laptop needs attention.

Call us and we will do an extensive check to determine whether to replace or repair the hard drive. Our engineers are quick to find out the data problem and can provide Mac hard drive replacement on the same day.

Call us today to get the life and performance of your Apple MacBook extended without breaking the bank. We will also help you keep a backup of your data before repairing or replacing the hard drive.

MacBook Battery Replacement Dubai

macbook pro battery replacement Dubai

A MacBook may need battery replacement when it needs charging too often or doesn’t work at all without being continuously plugged in. Our MacBook battery replacement Dubai service can help you save money and avoid the risks involved with changing your laptop’s battery on your own. We have all the tools to replace your battery and dispose of your old battery safely.

In other words, you’ll need a replacement battery to keep your laptop running when your MacBook’s battery reaches the end of its life. So why not choose a battery replacement service that’s both fast and affordable?

We can replace your old batteries with genuine batteries that are, without a doubt, of the best quality. Our MacBook Pro battery replacement Dubai service is reputed and totally dependable.

iMac Repair

iMac Repair

Have trouble with your system but don’t want to travel to repair it? Choose High Tech Technology’s iMac repair team to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly. With us, you won’t have to pay for shipping and handling, which makes us one of the best doorstep solutions.

Our trained and qualified engineers can repair your favorite PC when you want. In fact, not only are we capable of handling all your PC troubles, but we can also provide you with the best outcome when repairing your iMac.

At High Tech Technology, we care a lot for our customers. For this reason, we offer a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you do not get the service as per your expectations. Did we mention ‌we use genuine Apple replacement parts at affordable rates? So, don’t hesitate to reach out when you face a problem with iMac

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Got a problem with the MacBook keyboard? No need to think that it’s over for your MacBook and put it aside just because a few keys have stopped working or the keys are stuck and broken. Call us for a convenient and effective keyboard replacement. We are different from others because we have genuine spare parts of top quality.

As one of the best MacBook repair services in Dubai. We assure you ‌we can offer you service quality that rivals that of any Apple service and repair store. We’ll even get it back to you in no time since we don’t send it somewhere else for repair.

In addition, we offer fixed-price services so you know how much you’ll have to pay from the get-go. That’s because we charge you for the replacement parts (if any) and the service, not the brand. So ‌your damaged MacBook won’t cost an arm and a leg to repair here.

MacBook Screen Replacement Dubai

macbook pro screen replacement Dubai

Many of us choose a MacBook thinking that its aluminum design makes it tougher than the variety of plastic case options. While the brand has certain advantages, such as its cutting-edge hinge support design. This doesn’t mean it is impervious to all kinds of damage.

Your MacBook screens, for example, can end up needing MacBook screen replacement Dubai-based services since they can still damage easily. The smallest knock can lead to a search for MacBook screen replacement services. We often deal with MacBook-related issues where the screen needed replacement with symptoms, such as

  • Cracked screens
  • Black screens
  • Screens that seem physically intact but the laptops don’t work
  • Screens with colorful lines
  • Screens that don’t work, even when the laptops seem to work

MacBook’s cost a lot, so you may feel panic when your MacBook’s screen shows any type of defect suddenly. But our engineers can handle any kind of screen-related issue. So treat any issue you face on your MacBook Air or Pro with utmost priority, whether it shows lines/dots or goes entirely black. Our team has the skills to take quick action when it comes to providing MacBook Pro screen replacement in Dubai. So you can get your device back good as new at the earliest.

Printer Repair

Is your printer giving you trouble? If poor print quality, lagging speed, and paper jams are keeping you frustrated, your printer needs help immediately. Let our team of printer repair experts take a look if your printer is leaving streaks on the prints as well. We will make sure your printer works better than a new one!

We can help with your printer repair.

High Tech Technology has a dedicated team of printer service technicians that provides regular maintenance as well as break-down assistance. We have experience with old and new printers alike, so don’t throw yours out when it stops working, thinking its time is up – get it fix by us.

We can help fix problems with your printer, such as:
  • Paper repeatedly getting stuck in the printer
  • Maintain old printers, refurbishing those left unused for too long
  • Printed pages coming out curled up or blackened
  • Printer not accepting ink and other ink-related issues.

Call us and get a quick resolution for your printer troubles today.

Get Your Photocopier Fix by Our Experts Today!

Photocopier Repair

We understand the inconvenience and interruption a broken machine brings to workflow. That’s why we offer complete photocopier repairing services that guarantee a hassle-free experience. We fix photocopiers in a prompt, affordable, and dependable manner. Our repair experts will inspect your machine, confirm the issue, and inform you of the costs before performing the repairs. We are well-position to get the job done with minimal interruption to your work regardless of your photocopier repair requirement.

Excellent Plotter Maintenance and Repair Service in Dubai

Plotter Repair

If you need high-quality yet cost-effective maintenance or repair service for your wide format printer or plotter, then you need High Tech Technology. It is best to let experienced and trained professionals handle such sophisticated pieces of equipment. After all, they are design to deliver excellent-quality prints; therefore, you need services that can maintain their optimum level of performance. We have a highly experienced team of professionals who have the training and know-how to provide fast and efficient repairs. Book an appointment with us and get your work running again with minimal machine downtime.

  • HP Printer Repair in Dubai
  • Epson Printer Repair in Dubai
  • Samsung Printer Repair in Dubai
  • Canon Printer Repair in Dubai
  • Brother Printer Repair in Dubai

Gaming Console Repair

Has your favourite PlayStation stopped working all of a sudden? Are you dreading the red ring of death on your Xbox? Gamers put their gaming consoles through the paces, so it’s no surprise when they start facing a number of issues down the line.

If this is you, don’t panic! At High Tech Technology, our gaming console specialists can put Dubai’s gamers back where they belong- in the game! Whether you have the latest Nintendo or an old PS, we have you covered. Our experts can fix a wide range of consoles from any generation and get you back online and ready to crush your enemies and have a great session in no time.

PS4 Repair Service – Let Us Fix Your Faulty PlayStation without Delay!


We always use drivers, lasers, and other tools that are recommended by the manufacturer. Our years of experience include repairing all generations of PlayStations which is why we have the expertise to make rapid diagnoses in consoles and resolve the issues just as quickly.

Our team can fix all models, from the original to the slim version. We have handled an extensive range of problems, such as software glitches, blu-ray issues, internet disconnections, and jammed disk trays. Let us know if your PlayStation has stopped playing nice and needs top-quality PS4 repair service.

Call Us for Quick Xbox One Repair in Dubai

Disk Upgrade/Replace

If you are an Xbox owner living in fear of the red ring of death, don’t worry! Our experienced technicians have the mana- and the skills- to bring your treasured console back to life. We can proudly say that we have plenty of experience in dealing with every Xbox model, from the older 360 to the latest Xbox One.

Our team is successful in repairing all of them because we use original drivers and parts to do so. This helps us rule out any chronic issues in the future. Unresponsive disc player, broken video or connectivity problems – High Tech Technology is here to provide the best Xbox One repair Dubai has to offer and get your gaming back on track ASAP.

Nintendo Switch Repair Dubai – We Can Fix Your Broken Nintendo, Too!

PS4 Repair

As a Nintendo gamer, you know the appeal of this long line of gaming consoles and its fantastic range of games. High Tech Technology’s gaming console repairers know every make and model ever released by Nintendo. This means they know what tools are the best to repair your damaged console and use only genuine parts if replacements are needed.

We provide Nintendo Switch repair Dubai based service for all kinds of Nintendo-related issues. Such as hardware defects, short-circuits, software bugs, motion sensor problems, and upgrades. We offer repair services that match the quality of Nintendo consoles, so let us know if your beloved device ever stops working.

Tablet Repair

No matter what brand of the tablet you have, it can have issues anytime. The problem in your tablet may range from a broken screen to software related issue. If your system makes annoying noises and you have a problem with the screen, you can contact us.  If there is a software issue, the best we can do is fix the problem remotely. With a single visit, we can solve your computer problems. We are your personal army of tech-savvy geeks. Always ready to help you.

We not only repair iPad  screens, but we are fully capable of restoring your device to its original condition. Call us from anywhere in the city and we can fix all your tablet problems quickly.

Technology keeps evolving. It is important to know what is in trend and what is the best for us. Tablets are a great accessory for tech-savvy people. When tablets came into the market, they instantly became a hit among users. They both had features of laptops and mobile. But they can also face technical issues due to accidents.

Here are some services we offer.

  • Tablet shield protection
  • Screen repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Liquid spill damage
  • Charge port repair
  • Power button repair
  • Application Installation
    • Screen repairs
    • Charging port repair
    • Battery replacement
    • Water damage repair
    • Recalibration of faulty touch sensors
    • Screen replacement

We Deal in Different Types of Tablets
There are numerous tablet brands in the market today with all the latest features. Every brand is unique in its own way. Its features, processors, display quality, components and design vary. Therefore, you need to choose a service provider expert in dealing with a wide variety of brands. We can deal with a range of problems related to your tablet. Also we provide service for iPad repair.

IPhone Repair

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are extremely important in our daily lives. That’s why a single crack on the screen is enough to make one panic, wondering if their device still works.

As one of the best iPhone repair centers in Dubai, we know how to keep your favourite smartphone in ship shape. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with iPhones and other Apple devices – they will work diligently to ensure your devices are working smoothly.

We Love Fixing iPhones – All of Them!

We perform all kinds of iPhone repair in a smart and efficient manner. Our approach enables us to carry out repairs much faster while maintaining the quality of our work. Whether you have an iPhone 4S or the very latest iPhone 15, we have experts who are adept at diagnosing and fixing all issues, such as the following:

  • Cracked screens
  • Booting issues
  • Battery and Charging related problems
  • Water damage
  • Malfunctioning in various components, such as :
    • Audio
    • Buttons
    • Camera
    • Charging dock
    • Signal

At High Tech Technology, our team understands that our clients are busy individuals and the absence of a vital part of their day-to-day lives can be inconvenient, to say the least. That’s why we want to make sure we repair their phones as soon as possible when they contact us for assistance.

We are committed to providing the quickest, most cost-effective repairs according to our customer’s specific needs. Our experienced technicians use only the highest-quality parts and manufacturer-specified tools to make your iPhone good as new.


PC Repair

High Tech Technology is one of the most approachable PC repair services for all kinds of system, laptops, gaming consoles, and other devices. Our goal is to help our clients, their families, and their businesses embrace the various forms of IT available these days. We speak to our clients, listen to their PC and electronics-related concerns. ask plenty of questions and then take all the steps needed to take care of your technological requirements.

We are ready to do what it takes to get you the right solutions for maximum productivity and streamlined daily operations. Once we step in with our services and solutions. We fix everything we touch and make sure you know about everything we do every step of the way. It is simpler than you think and the reason behind our success in computer repairs in Dubai.

How High Tech Technology Repairs Computers

PC Repair in Dubai

Our computer repair process involves more than taking off and putting back screws. We use cutting-edge tools and spare parts to test and repair components. Diagnostic tests are a major part of this process and we check all the parts thoroughly before and after applying fixes. Our team also ensures that the best replacement parts are chosen wherever required. Here’s a quick walkthrough of our repair process:

Diagnosing the Computer before Beginning PC Repair 

We conduct multiple tests to locate the issue and check whether our fix has taken care of it for good. All these tests also detect intermittent issues that usually wouldn’t be noticed from a single test. Our extensive experience in computer repair helps us narrow down the faults and focus on them.

For instance, if the computer won’t turn on, there may be a problem with the motherboard, hard drive, or the power supply. Once we single out the source, we perform repairs before running extensive tests to see if there are other improvements we can make.

If a part is faulty, it is taken out and tested on another working computer that contains hardware analysis software. We also exercise the method of elimination by swapping the parts we suspect are faulty with working spare parts. This helps us eliminate other possible causes and reach the correct diagnosis.


Taking a Backup of the Data

This is a crucial step for repairs or changes concerning storage drives, such as hard drive failure, damage to the computer due to liquid spillage, and upgrading. Before installing a new drive, we back up data to an external hard drive which can be time-consuming depending on the process or the amount of data we need to back up.

Backing up data is also necessary if your computer requires OS reinstallation or in some cases, motherboard repair. So you can retain access to it. It takes a significant amount of time to copy data into storage devices – even longer if the drive needs data recovery. Speaking of data recovery, we can also help you with that if you have lost your data accidentally. Although there’s a chance that you may not be able to get all the data back from the faulty drive.

Deciding the Right Replacement Parts

If faulty parts are behind the malfunctioning of the computer. They will need the right replacements to get the computer working again. Although there is diagnostic software that may be able to resolve the issue, such solutions are temporary at best. Therefore, your computer needs a solution that’s more reliable and lasts longer, which is why we recommend replacing the damaged parts.

As an example, we can isolate or fix bad sectors on a hard drive, but it is still just as likely to fail completely eventually. Replacing the drive is better than a quick fix, not only because it improves performance substantially. But also because it is the better option from a long-term perspective.

Each brand of computer is compatible with replacement parts of the same brand and sometimes model. So we look for them with the help of their part numbers. If that’s not possible, we look for the closest compatible alternatives. Our team has plenty of experience in locating the right replacement parts and we have excellent relations with several helpful suppliers.

Making the necessary changes and fixes. We determine the best course of action and get to work on your device depending on the repair it requires. This helps us give you an estimate of the time the repair or replacement will take. While some repairs are quick, such as SSD upgrades or replacing the hard drive. Others involving the delicate sections of the computer, such as the motherboard, will take much more time and care.

For motherboard repairs, for instance, the technician has to take out all the components and put them back once the motherboard is replaced. We always ensure the computer works properly when we have to install new hardware. If the boot drive was affected during repairs, your computer would also require a new Operating System installation. Our team does whatever it takes and then moves on to further testing to ensure the repairs were successful.

Conducting post-repair tests – Running tests after installing new parts and making all the necessary fixes is essential. They help us find issues we may have missed earlier or further problems the repair wasn’t able to resolve. This is how we prevent intermittent problems in the future. Once we are satisfied with your computer’s results in these final tests. We hand it back to you in the best possible working condition.


Factors Affecting the Duration of Our Computer Repair Process

Certain factors enable us to give our customers the proper estimate of how long it will take to fix their computers. These include:

The Duration of Testing: We run several tests to diagnose and after we’ve performed repairs. We do this to eliminate the possibility of missing any hidden intermittent problems and to ensure the repairs are 100% successful. However, the tests take a lot of time since they thoroughly investigate different areas of the computer. If we test for RAM-related problems, for example, it takes about half an hour for each test on average. Hard drive diagnostic tests can take the whole night!

Additionally, these tests sometimes pause on their own when left unattended and need to restart. Such instances are unavoidable and each test helps us deliver the best results, which is why we take them into account when giving an estimate of the duration of each test.

Our Access to Quality Replacement Parts: Some computer models need replacement components that are hard to gain access to. That’s because they may not always be available at our suppliers. How fast we can repair your computer also depends on the compatibility of the parts we need with other models.

While some brands, such as Dell, Apple, and HP provide access to the universal part numbers and compatible alternatives in case we cannot get the identical part. Other brands like Toshiba, Asus, and Acer require more effort from the supplier to find out the best components to fit the requirement. Their parts don’t have a universal number to look for. So the only method to locate the right part is to match it visually. This is something only expert and experienced technicians can be trusted with.

If the branded components are no longer under production or unavailable due to another reason. We make sure to get the best compatible alternative to replace the faulty component.

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