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A Few Tips for MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Dubai

Jul 4, 2022 admin   

Are you fed up with your MacBook Pro laptop as it does not allow you to leave your desk for long hours? If yes, you need to check your battery’s performance and eventually know how to replace it. With plenty of battery life, you can enjoy sitting anywhere with your laptop. Most people often struggle with battery replacement. They do not know when and how to replace the battery. It is one of the most common issues that a lot of MacBook Pro owners run into once in their life. But, here we will tell you everything related to MacBook pro battery replacement in Dubai.

Like any other battery, the battery in your MacBook cannot last forever. You should be ready when you face any unexpected issues with your battery. Typically, the MacBook battery lasts for three to five years. After some time, you may notice that you need to charge your laptop’s battery quite often. The charge in your battery will not remain long after some time. Nevertheless, a battery replacement is a great way to give a new lease of life to the MacBook.

How to Check Battery Cycle Count?

When you are considering changing the battery of your MacBook, you need to see the status of your battery. Your Mac notebook goes through charge cycles and it gets complete when you use all the battery’s power. You can use half of your notebook’s charge in a single day and then recharge it again. If you follow the same routine the next time, it would count as one cycle.

Furthermore, batteries have a limited amount of charge and their performance keep on diminishing. Every replacement battery is expected to maintain decent performance. You can still use your battery even after it reaches its maximum cycle count, but you will see a reduction in its performance.

You can prepare yourself earlier and find out when you need to replace your battery. Your MacBook battery can retain up to 80% of its charge capacity at the maximum level. For the best results, replace your battery when you reach its maximum cycle count. Here are a few options when considering MacBook Pro battery replacement in Dubai.

Tips on MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Dubai

1. Apple Warranty – If your device has an inbuilt battery and it is still under warranty, Apple will replace a faulty battery free of charge. If you have MacBook Pro under the battery warranty scheme, do not delay and contact Apple right away. What you can do is check the warranty status on Apple’s check page with your serial number in the Apple menu.

2. MacBook Battery Replacement Service – Apple recommends, first-party and third-party authorized service centres when it is about battery replacement. This is the most trustworthy option as Apple takes a 90-day guarantee on the job. But, if your MacBook is pretty old, you need to look for a replacement provider. To know how to replace a battery through the Apple service centre, check the concerned website and find a service request option.

3. Repair Service – This method can of course saves a lot of money. Whether you want to find a service to replace a battery or find a MacBook screen replacement in Dubai, ensure to find a reliable service provider only. Ensure they use genuine parts that do not break early. Typically, these shops will source batteries from outside and replace them for you.

4. Do-it-Yourself – You can replace the battery by ordering your own battery. This is the cheapest option as you have to pay the cost of parts only.


If you find replacing your MacBook battery overwhelming, you must find a reliable and approachable repair shop in Dubai that offers a variety of services like Mac hard drive replacement and battery replacement services.

At High Tech Technology, you can get the best-personalised MacBook battery replacement service along with a Nintendo switch repair in Dubai. So, contact us today!

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